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We are pleased to announce the release of the 2011 "Long Term Care for the Elderly in France, European Comparison" industry report. It follows and updates our 2007 report.


Published by: Candesic, Deomenos and Epsilon Research

Date of release: October 2011

Nb pages: 143

Language: English

Price: €1.350 + VAT


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Key findings

1. The expected demand for long term care in France, should grow with an annual rate of 2.6% . Yet the expected growth can be nuanced.

2. Offer is changing with the arrival of an increasing 85+ group age in the market, the scarcity and the ageing of family carers

3. The French market of the dependence is still dominated by non-profit offers, but private players and Insurance companies and banks gain ground

4. EHPAD operators have to deal with major issues such as increasing operational costs

5. M&A transactions in the European Care Home sector (by Epsilon Research)


Table of Content

1. A Demand with an annual growth of 2.6% : the growth expected by everybody can be nuanced p.5
  1.1 The number of dependent elderly people is soaring. This growth will continue on the medium and long term p.6
  1.2 The growth of the number of dependent elderly persons seems to be unavoidable, yet it has to be moderated p.10
  1.3 The entry date in an EHPA is postponed and the average length of stay has returned to the same level... p.19
  1.4 The socio-economic context tends to develop a professional dependence care p.22
2. A changing offer p.26
  2.1 Improvement of the professional medico-social housings sector p.27
  2.2 The health institutions are taking part in the mutation of the sector p.32
  2.3 Help at home is not a substitute, but an essential complement to the institutions p.37
  2.4 The number of rooms in retirement home seem insufficient p.45
  2.5 Difficulty to evaluate costs p.49
  2.6 The actors do not have the same growth strategies p.68
3. HPST law p.91
  3.1 Principles and organisation p.92
  3.2 Resources : new contracts, pricing, dependence evaluation p.98
  3.3 Impact of the law on operation and EHPAD market p.106
4. Care Home Acquisitions in Europe: M&A Market Trends and Transaction Multiples p.109
  4.1 Methodology and sources of information p.110
  4.2 Market consolidation led by UK players, although slowed by the financial crisis p.114
  4.3 M&A market led by Private Equity in the UK / industrial groups in Continental Europe p.118
  4.4 Leaders start building a pan-European presence through cross-border acquisitions p.126
  4.5 French key players consolidate the home market and start expansion in Continental Europe p.129
  4.6 Synthesis of the Care Home Transaction Multiples since 2007 p.136


Transaction Multiples

The transaction multiple analysis is based on the detailed analysis of 56 European Care Home M&A acquisitions, announced between 2007 and 2010. They are part of Epsilon's EMAT database (Epsilon Multiple Analysis Tool™).

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About the Authors

CANDESIC is a niche strategy consultancy founded in 2002 by medical doctors and business executives who formerly worked at McKinsey & Company, London. As well as traditional corporate strategy work for mostly healthcare companies, they have specialized in performing commercial due diligence for investments in companies ranging from Euro 50 millions to over 10 billions.

DEOMENOS is an financial advisory firm specialized in small and mid size companies. Its mission is to help entrepreneurs throughout the process of raising capital, merger-acquisitions, LBO/MBO/MBI/OBO or restructuring from the very outset of a new project until the closing, with a personal commitment to delivering the right deal for each particular client and project.


EPSILON RESEARCH is an independent research and financial analysis bureau, and the reference source of transaction multiples for the valuation of private companies through its EMAT database.