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Value Drivers and Acquisition Multiples for European Solar Transactions


Following our 'Wind Energy M&A Report 2010', we are working on the 'Solar Energy M&A Report 2012', Value Drivers and Acquisition Multiples for European Solar Transactions'.


Target Audience

The Solar Energy M&A Report is targeted at the following players in the solar energy market (the ‘Solar Players’):

A) Investors and financing providers for solar farms: renewable energy funds, utilities, private equity firms, banks and other capital and debt providers;
B) Owners and developers of solar farms;

C) Advisors and research analysts: independent and banks M&A advisors, equity research analysts of renewable energy and utilities.


Report Objectives

This report focuses on analysing transaction multiples, based on public & proprietary databases. Unlike classic market research or general reports on M&A activity in the solar market, it aims to:

  • Provide Solar Players with reliable benchmarks for valuing solar farms and portfolios, in tandem with other valuation methodologies (DCF, etc.)
  • Segment transaction multiples for solar farms or portfolios according to development stage and analyze valuation drivers (feed-in tariffs, wp capacity factor, etc...) to quantify their impact on price.
  • Analyze real deal and earn-out structures for early stage solar farm portfolios, providing further insight for benchmarking portfolios and structuring potential deals.

The Solar Energy M&A Report 2012 will be based on the detailed analysis of European solar [farm or developer] transactions announced in 2010/2011.