Epsilon Privacy Policy


Epsilon is committed to respecting your privacy in accordance with EU law, in particular Directive 95/46 of 24 October 1995 and Directive 97/66 of 15 December 1997.
This document explains the ways in which Epsilon seeks to do so.

Information which could be used to identify you is termed "personal information" ("données personnelles"). It includes such data as your first name, your last name, your physical address, your e-mail address, your telephone number and so forth, whether at home or at work.

Personal information relating to you may be collected by Epsilon when you are visiting the Epsilon web-site, in the manners described below. In addition, it may be transferred to Epsilon by other companies.

Such information may be transferred within Epsilon and/or to and within Epsilon's subsidiaries, for confidential use in connection with the provision of services to you, and this may involve cross-border transfers between different countries.

Epsilon and its subsidiaries may in addition use (or "process") the personal information they receive, for confidential use in connection with the provision of services to you, both on their own behalf and/or on behalf of third parties. The objectives of the processing operations effected by Epsilon are the following :

to make contact with a view to admitting the User as a member,
to verify suitability for membership,
to produce marketing documents for the purpose of providing M&A services, details of which are set out in the contracts members have to sign.



you have the right to oppose the commercial use of your personal information. To do so, please inform us of your decision at privacy@epsilon-research.com ;
except as required by law, your personal information will not be knowingly transferred by Epsilon or its subsidiaries to any third parties except with your express consent, which may be communicated notably by e-mail or by clicking on the appropriate button ;
Epsilon undertakes not to conserve your personal information beyond the time period strictly necessary for fulfilling the purposes for which it was collected ;

Full details of the collecting, processing and transferring operations in respect of your personal data and the personal data of other site visitors have been given in the official declaration made to the French Data Protection Authority (the Conseil national de l'informatique et des libertés, or "CNIL") by Epsilon. You can confirm the contents of this declaration by contacting the CNIL at 21, rue Saint-Guillaume, 75340 Paris, France (telephone : + 33 (0)1 5373 2222 ; fax : + 33 (0)1 5373 2200).


You have the right to access any personal information concerning you without undue delay or expense, and to modify, rectify or remove any inaccurate information. To exercise this right, contact Epsilon at :
7 rue Ambroise Thomas, 75009 Paris. France . Tel : +33 (0)1 47 70 30 24. E-mail : privacy@epsilon-research.com, or
289 The Circle, Queen Elizabeth Street . London SE1 2JW . Tel : +44 (0)790 488 1047 . Fax : +44 (0)207 170 0273


Epsilon undertakes not to process any sensitive data it may receive and not to reconstitute, in a direct or indirect manner, by cross-checking or sorting of names, sensitive data in the sense of Article 8 of the European Directive dated 24 October 1995, relating to racial origins, political, philosophical, religious or trade-union opinions, or a person's morals, whether real or supposed.