Latest published transaction reports (Live) included in the EMAT database

A major step forward in establishing the “market value” of private companies


More the 5,000 M&A / LBO deals, with specific criteria (since 2004, target in the European Union, deal value and key financials identified) have been analysed and included in this database.


Each Epsilon Report details the deal rationale and structure, the target's activity, history and financial information, and includes  the calculation of the key historic and current multiples: EV/Sales, EV/Gross Profit, EV/EBITDA, EV/EBIT, Eq/PBT, P/E, Price to book - including or not earn out.


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Announced Date Acquirer Target Country Report #
30/11/2020 Private Group led by Abénex Squad Paris 104351
27/11/2020 Private Group backed by Actomezz Sogetrel Hauts-De-Seine 102918
19/11/2020 Private Group led by Eurazeo PME Altaïr Nord 102952
19/11/2020 Presidio Arkphire Group Ireland 103443
19/11/2020 Inspecs Group Eschenbach Germany 103477
19/11/2020 Private groupe led by Ouest Croissance, Trocadero Capital Partners VAC (Hardouin Loc) Yvelines 104282
14/11/2020 Private Group Led By Cardinal Capital Group Mowlam Healthcare Ireland 103484
10/11/2020 Private Group led by Novalpina Capital Laboratoire X.O Hauts-De-Seine 102982
10/11/2020 Amsterdam Commodities Global Ingredients Segment of SunOpta (Tradin) Netherlands 103618
10/11/2020 Private group led by BeAngels, BNP Paribas Fortis and Wapinvest Beinfluence Belgium 104176
06/11/2020 Private Group led by Geneo Capital Entrepreneur Delta Service Location (DSL) Rhône 104735
04/11/2020 Medica Group Global Diagnostics (Ireland) Ireland 103410
03/11/2020 Badger Meter s::can Austria 103382
01/11/2020 Private Group led by Edify Ligier Group Allier 104725
31/10/2020 Sterlite Technologies Optotec Italy 103357
29/10/2020 Kindred Group Blankenberge Casino-Kursaal (Blancas) Belgium 103353
29/10/2020 Elixirr International Coast Digital United Kingdom 103012
28/10/2020 Private Group led by Motion Equity Partners Olmix Morbihan 103240
27/10/2020 Repligen ARTeSYN Biosolutions Ireland Ireland 103381
26/10/2020 Private Group Led By Allianz Capital Partners Galp Gas Natural Distribuicao Portugal 103281
22/10/2020 KnowIT Creuna Norway 103023
22/10/2020 Private Group led by Parcom Private Equity DGS Group (Group of Butchers) Netherlands 104854
15/10/2020 Piteco RAD Informatica Italy 103455
14/10/2020 Management McAdam Design Northern Ireland 103856
12/10/2020 Private Group led by IK Investment Partners Kersia France 104290
06/10/2020 Syngenta Valagro Italy 104253
02/10/2020 Private Group Led by Endless LLP Interserve Learning & Employment (ILE) England 104225
02/10/2020 Sartorius BIA Separations Slovenia 103347
30/09/2020 Atrys Health Instituto Estudios Celulares y Moleculares Spain 103464
30/09/2020 Private Group led by Bridgepoint SendinBlue Paris 102241
23/09/2020 Strix Italy Laica Italy 102031
22/09/2020 Private Group led by Apax Partners Odigo Hauts-De-Seine 102116
22/09/2020 Chr Hansen Jennewein Biotechnologie Germany 102159
21/09/2020 Roche Inflazome Ireland 102408
18/09/2020 Krause Holdings Parma Calio 1913 Italy 102291
16/09/2020 Series B funding round led by Balderton Capital VanMoof Netherlands 104555
11/09/2020 Aquila European Renewables Income Fund (AERIF) Portuguese Solar Portfolio Benfica III Portugal 104994
09/09/2020 Carrefour Bio c 'Bon Paris 102968
04/09/2020 Marel TREIF Maschinenbau Germany 101603
01/09/2020 SpectrumOne Trigger Co Sweden 101724
01/09/2020 Private Group led by IK Investment Partners Forthglade Foods United Kingdom 101846
27/08/2020 Carrefour SuperSol Spain Spain 101547
24/08/2020 Sulzer Wilhelm Haselmeier Germany 101555
24/08/2020 Bluefield Solar Income Fund 64.2MWp UK solar PV portfolio United Kingdom 105034
21/08/2020 Cryoport CRYO International (CRYOPDP) Paris 101480
19/08/2020 Cellink Scienion Germany 101495
18/08/2020 Veolia Environnement Osis (Suez RV Osis) Hauts-De-Seine 101560
17/08/2020 Endava Comtrade Digital Services Ireland 102335
15/08/2020 Series A funding led by Enagas Solatom CSP Spain 105227
13/08/2020 Four Winds Interactive LLC SmartSpace Global United Kingdom 104803