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Transaction Multiples for the Valuation of Private Companies

Management / Iceland Foods

No EMAT : 100837
Announced Date : 08/06/2020
Type : Exit ,Acquisition of Majority Stake
Deal Value : Yes
Acquirer : Management

Target : Iceland Foods
Country : Wales
Sector of activity :
  • Food Producers > Food & Beverage Industry > Canned, Frozen and Cooked Food
  • Food & Drink R&W > Retail and Wholesale ('R&W') > Food R&W
Business Description :
Founded in 1970 by Malcolm Walker, executive Chairman, Iceland Foods is Britain’s ninth biggest supermarket in overall grocery market share, but it is second only to industry leader Tesco in frozen...

Transaction multiples available
Gross Profit
P/E Price
to Book
Rating : ***
Multiple available
n.s.   Multiple calculated, but not significant

Source: Epsilon Research / EMAT

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  • Number of EMAT Reports / sub-sector « Food R&W » = 58
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Source: Epsilon Research / EMAT

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