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Transaction Multiples for the Valuation of Private Companies

Private group led by Unexo / TAGLAB (Glaces Moustache)

No EMAT : 115512
Announced Date : 26/09/2023
Type : OBO (Owner Buy Out)
Deal Value : Yes
Acquirer : Private group led by Unexo

Target : TAGLAB (Glaces Moustache)
Country : Ille-Et-Vilaine
Sector of activity :
  • Food Producers > Food & Beverage Industry > Dairy Products & Ice Creams
Business Description :
TAGLAB designs and manufactures premium ice creams in Saint Malo sold in France. > Produces for the Sanchez brands (targeted in particular at restaurateurs), Mustache (the boutiques) and Ty Skorn (...

Transaction multiples available
Gross Profit
P/E Price
to Book
Rating : *
Multiple available
n.s.   Multiple calculated, but not significant

Source: Epsilon Research / EMAT

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Source: Epsilon Research / EMAT

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