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Epsilon Research covers the M&A transactions for the "Business Services" industry [1139 EMAT Reports], which includes:


Our analysts publish transaction multiples reports for private company M&A deals (announced 2004 onwards).

Each report presents detailed information on the deal value, structure and rationale, the target's activity, history and financial information; it includes the calculation of the key historic and current multiples: enterprise value over sales (EV/S), EBITDA (EV/EBITDA), or EBIT (EV/EBIT), P/E and Price to Book. All information sources are systematically given and company financials are carefully verified and restated if needed.


The reports are a unique source of information to have a comparable metric for the valuation of a private company, establish the "market value" of an investment or private equity investment portfolios.


The deal reports are published in Epsilon's EMAT database.
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Recent M&A Deal Reports Published on EMAT

Date Acquirer Target Country Industries Valuation multiples See details
08/09/2021 Adecco Groupe France Qapa France Interim recruitment services, Online Recruitment ** 106721
29/07/2021 Securitas Protection One Germany Security Services ** 105964
08/07/2021 Private Group led by Sagard Ginger Yvelines Health, Safety, and Environmental Consulting * 106519
03/05/2021 Freelance ( Helvetic Payroll (HP Group) Switzerland Recruitment Services ** 106753
18/03/2021 Private Group led by Eurazeo Groupe Premium Hauts-De-Seine Insurance Brokerage *** 104277
28/01/2021 Private groupe led by Apax Partners and Bpifrance BTP Consultants Yvelines Testing, Inspection and Certification services (TIC) * 104740
31/12/2020 Medialex Annonces et Formalités Légales (AFL) France Tax and Legal Consultancy * 103697
20/12/2020 Serie B funding round led by Bpifrance and Cathay Innovation iziwork France Interim recruitment services, Online Recruitment ** 106762
19/11/2020 Private groupe led by Ouest Croissance, Trocadero Capital Partners VAC (Hardouin Loc) Yvelines Construction Equipement Rental Services ** 104282
06/11/2020 Private Group led by Geneo Capital Entrepreneur Delta Service Location (DSL) Rhône Construction Equipement Rental Services ** 104735
14/10/2020 Management McAdam Design Northern Ireland Architectural and Design Services * 103856
02/10/2020 Private Group Led by Endless LLP Interserve Learning & Employment (ILE) England Training * 104225
10/09/2020 Frenehard et Michaux Montaje y Alquiler des Estructuras (MA Estructuras) Spain Construction Equipement Rental Services *** 106266
02/09/2020 Series A funding round led by One point and Bpifrance Badakan France Specialized Software, Software as a Service (SAAS), Interim recruitment services, Online Recruitment *** 106798
18/08/2020 Veolia Environnement Osis (Suez RV Osis) Hauts-De-Seine Waste & Disposal Services, Industrial Cleaning *** 101560
30/07/2020 Private Group Led by Ardian Finaxy Group Paris Insurance Brokerage * 101299
22/07/2020 Private Group led by Alliance Entreprendre Ecoclean Services (VDFIN) Yvelines Industrial Cleaning * 102263
17/06/2020 Management GT3 Architects England Architectural and Design Services * 103870
18/05/2020 BG Concept Architecture (BGCA) Arc Pole France Architectural and Design Services ** 104011
11/05/2020 Series A funding round led by la Banque des Territoires Carlili Paris e-services (B2C), Long-term Rental of Vehicles ** 100570
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Epsilon Research is an independent research and financial analysis bureau, and the reference source of transaction multiples for the valuation of private companies through its EMAT database.

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► Each EMAT Report includes the detailed analysis of the transaction: deal rationale and structure, target business lines and financials (restated), valuation multiples (calculation and analysis).


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