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Epsilon Research covers the M&A transactions for the "Personal & Household Goods" industry [469 EMAT Reports], which includes:


Our analysts publish transaction multiples reports for private company M&A deals (announced 2004 onwards).

Each report presents detailed information on the deal value, structure and rationale, the target's activity, history and financial information; it includes the calculation of the key historic and current multiples: enterprise value over sales (EV/S), EBITDA (EV/EBITDA), or EBIT (EV/EBIT), P/E and Price to Book. All information sources are systematically given and company financials are carefully verified and restated if needed.


The reports are a unique source of information to have a comparable metric for the valuation of a private company, establish the "market value" of an investment or private equity investment portfolios.


The deal reports are published in Epsilon's EMAT database.
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Recent M&A Deal Reports Published on EMAT

Date Acquirer Target Country Industries Valuation multiples See details
12/02/2024 Private Group Led by O2 Capital Partners Bribus Netherlands Kitchen Equipment ** 115950
28/07/2023 Private Group led by Style Capital Brion Sisters (Soeur) Paris Clothing (manufacture), Accessories (manufacture) ** 114251
21/07/2023 Masco Sauna360 Group Finland Durable Household Products *** 115105
29/06/2023 Hamelin (Holdham) Pelikan Group Germany Office Furnitures & Supplies *** 113550
23/12/2022 Fluidra MERANUS Gesellschaft fur Schwimmbad- und Freizeitausrustungen Germany Specialised R&W, Sporting Goods *** 111125
07/10/2022 Solideq Group Roofac Sweden Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) ** 115944
29/08/2022 Private group led by Ewo Capital ASPHALT.BIKE (Voltaire) Paris Sporting Goods * 111295
29/08/2022 Private Group led by Garibaldi Participations SensoPur Group Isère Furnishings * 112969
10/08/2022 Coats Group Rhenoflex Germany Footwear (manufacture) *** 109469
02/08/2022 Alimak Group TI Expansion (Tractel) Luxembourg Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) *** 115960
28/07/2022 Private group led by Raise Impact Lion Distribution (Eovolt) France Sporting Goods ** 111269
26/07/2022 Delta Galil Industries Organic Basics (brand and certain assets) Denmark Clothing (manufacture), Lingerie ** 110541
11/05/2022 Norcros Grant Westfield Scotland Durable Household Products, Doors & Windows Manufacturers *** 114345
23/03/2022 Private Group led by Parcom and Opportunity Partners Hunkemoller International Netherlands Clothing (manufacture), Lingerie * 110523
04/02/2022 Calida Group Vorfreude (Erlich Textil) Germany Clothing (manufacture), Lingerie *** 110665
31/12/2021 Afflelou Family Holding Afflelou France Eyewear (retail), Accessories (manufacture) *** 109674
22/12/2021 Northbaze Group Copter Sweden Accessories (manufacture) * 115530
17/11/2021 Aquinos Industry, SGPS Recticel Bedding Business Belgium Furnishings *** 107187
27/10/2021 Steelcase Viccarbe Habitat Spain Furnishings * 106732
21/07/2021 Private group led by the Capitem Partenaires and Celda Capital Développement Aquilus Groupe Drôme Sporting Goods * 107046
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Epsilon Research is an independent research and financial analysis bureau, and the reference source of transaction multiples for the valuation of private companies through its EMAT database.

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► Each EMAT Report includes the detailed analysis of the transaction: deal rationale and structure, target business lines and financials (restated), valuation multiples (calculation and analysis).


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