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Epsilon Research covers the M&A transactions for the "Food & Beverage Industry" industry [591 EMAT Reports], which includes:


Our analysts publish transaction multiples reports for private company M&A deals (announced 2004 onwards).

Each report presents detailed information on the deal value, structure and rationale, the target's activity, history and financial information; it includes the calculation of the key historic and current multiples: enterprise value over sales (EV/S), EBITDA (EV/EBITDA), or EBIT (EV/EBIT), P/E and Price to Book. All information sources are systematically given and company financials are carefully verified and restated if needed.


The reports are a unique source of information to have a comparable metric for the valuation of a private company, establish the "market value" of an investment or private equity investment portfolios.


The deal reports are published in Epsilon's EMAT database.
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Recent M&A Deal Reports Published on EMAT

Date Acquirer Target Country Industries Valuation multiples See details
18/11/2019 Koninklijke DSM Koninklijke CSK Food Enrichment Netherlands Food Complements * 97048
17/10/2019 Upfield Europe Arivia Greece Dairy Products & Ice Creams * 97848
18/09/2019 Coca-Cola HBC Acque Minerali (“Lurisia”) Italy Bottled Mineral Water ** 96411
16/09/2019 Scandinavian Tobacco Group Royal Agio Cigars Netherlands Food & Beverage Industry ** 96251
03/07/2019 Fane Valley Co-Operative Society Robert Smyth & Sons Ireland Animal Feed ** 96238
29/05/2019 Groupe Lactalis Nuova Castelli Italy Dairy Products & Ice Creams ** 95001
03/05/2019 Cafento Coffee Factory Java Republic Ireland Coffee Roasting & Distribution * 97422
01/04/2019 Danone Michel et Augustin Hauts-De-Seine Dairy Products & Ice Creams, Bakery Products * 94979
01/04/2019 Genuport Trade Sports Nutrition and Functional Food Business of Atlantic Grupa Croatia Food Complements *** 97435
27/02/2019 Antico Forno of Romagna Glaxi Pane Italy Bakery Products, Canned, Frozen and Cooked Food * 96618
22/02/2019 Saputo Dairy Crest Group England Dairy Products & Ice Creams *** 97967
05/02/2019 Unilever Nature Delivered England Bakery Products * 97429
25/01/2019 Asahi Europe Fuller's Beer Business England Breweries *** 93714
25/01/2019 Private Group Led By Idia Capital Investissement LGI Aude Wine Production ** 97657
29/10/2018 Private Group led by Gimv Société Comtoise de Spécialités Fromagères (La Comtoise) Franche-Comté Dairy Products & Ice Creams * 92116
02/10/2018 IRCA Dobla Netherlands Confectionery * 92598
01/10/2018 Sominor Melegatti (now Melegatti 1894) Italy Bakery Products * 92608
18/09/2018 Private Group led by Apax Partners AEB (Azienda Enologica Bresciana) Italy Food Complements * 92749
07/09/2018 Private Group backed by MBO Partenaires and Amundi PEF Arcado Groupe Doubs Delicatessen * 92627
16/08/2018 Valeo Food Tangerine Confectionery United Kingdom Confectionery * 92381
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Epsilon Research is an independent research and financial analysis bureau, and the reference source of transaction multiples for the valuation of private companies through its EMAT database.

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