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EMAT - Epsilon Multiple Analysis Tool™

The Reference Source for Private Company Acquisition Multiples 


Unique online access to European private transaction analysis reports & acquisition multiples

  • Online access to reports covering all major European small and mid-market M&A and LBO transactions
  • Detailed analysis of each transaction : deal context and structure, target business and financials, transaction multiples (calculation, comparison and analysis)
  • All information sources are systematically given
  • A powerful search facility: date, size, deal type, country and industry sector + key words
  • Possibility to compose your own comparable indices
  • Optional access to monitor all transactions not retained for multiple analysis (see "CorpfinDeals")


Referenced Transactions

  • Transactions M&A - LBO maj. (including a control premium, giving the acquirer > 50% of the target’s shares)
  • Equity Value : €1-500m
  • Target in the EC 
  • Since 01/01/2004 (deal announced date)
  • All industry sectors > > see our industry coverage
  • Transaction value not confidential
  • Enough information (deal value and target financials) to be able to calculate at least one significant multiple

    > see the statistics on referenced transactions

A unique valuation tool for :

  • Establishing the “market value” of private investments
    • BVCA / EVCA recommendations and increasing investor pressure for regular portfolio valuations
    • For “fair value” valuations, the use of comparable transaction multiples is key
  • Valuing portfolio investments / exits
    • Put together a sample of comparable multiples in an instant
    • Use Epsilon’s sector classification, based on the International Classification Benchmark
  • View all available deal information to check multiples and ensure they are relevant
    • Standard methodology (consistent financial restatements, multiple calculation)
    • Transparent use of information, relevant data
  • Use Epsilon’s research service to:
    • Carry out ad-hoc research on a business sector or specific deal
    • Receive copies of source info used in a report by e-mail
    • Contact our financial analysts regarding specific sectors or reports

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Our Customers

  • Private Equity Firms
  • M&A Advisers
  • Investment banks
  • Accountants
  • Professional Services
  • Equity Analysts
  • Corporates

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